Friday, January 13, 2012

How About A Brand New OLD Mustang

While we here at Anderson Ford are big fans of the current Ford Mustang, we also know that there's something to be said about the iconic styling of its renditions of yesteryear. After all, the Mustang is a staple of automotive performance that drivers in the greater Clinton area and beyond just can't seem to get enough of. And that said, Ford has taken a big step in ensuring that those who opt to restore a classic Mustang to its former glory can do so safely and easily.
More specifically, Ford recently invested in the development of new body shells that feature the exact fit, finish, and style of the original vehicle just off the assembly line. The Body shells are being manufactured to match the 1965, '67 and '69 models, and the American automaker is so confident in their quality that they've been officially licensed too.
Dynacorn, the company behind these exciting new body components turned to the original convertible and fastback designs for reference when manufacturing them. However, it's worth noting that the company also worked to make the overall build much stronger than their inspiration. In fact, the body panels for the kit are even constructed from automotive-grade 'virgin' steel that's thicker than the original material used, welded with modern techniques that improve rigidity, and tested thoroughly to ensure maximum safety.

That said, we'd like to know... Will you be restoring an old-school Mustang any time soon? Or are you more interested in the latest generation of the performance-driven coupe? Either way, you can arrange a test drive on the Mustang or any other new Ford that we carry here at 1001 State Route 10 West, Clinton IL 61727 simply by contacting us online or by phone at (888) 715-6476.
We're more than happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding models like the Ford Fiesta, Flex, and F-250. Furthermore, we can even shed a little light on some of the more tricky areas of choosing your next car. Unsure about your financing options? How about where to service your next Ford with genuine parts? We can demystify the whole car-buying and owning process when you pay us a visit, so make sure to do so soon!

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