Monday, June 15, 2015


The ROUSH Active Exhaust was designed and manufactured in-house at ROUSH Performance. ROUSH engineers have full access to our very own high-tech manufacturing and testing facilities, including a state-of-the-art semi-anechoic NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) lab. The ROUSH Active Exhaust gives drivers the ability to “tune” their exhaust note using an iOS application and vehicle parameters for virtually infinite sound possibilities. The system utilizes digitally controlled actuators that can be mapped through an OBD2-based Wi-Fi interface to adjust the exhaust flow. Engineer your own sound with the ROUSH Active Exhaust.

ROUSH Active Exhaust - Touring Mode
 TOURING mode can be selected to route all exhaust gasses through the mufflers keeping
output decibels at their absolute minimum – especially useful when you want to fly under the
radar or appease the anti-noise neighbors.

ROUSH Active Exhaust - Sport Mode 
 SPORT mode provides a free-flowing exhaust at idle and quiet operation during non-aggressive driving. The system opens up again when you step into the throttle or drive at high speeds. This pre-loaded mode is more aggressive (louder) than stock, but are still legal for street operation

ROUSH Active Exhaust - Track Mode
TRACK mode mode is the loudest of the modes.
This mode keeps the exhaust bypass fully open at all times when the engine is running and is typically used only on the track, as it is not legal for street operation.

ROUSH Active Exhaust - Custom mode
CUSTOM mode allows the operator to use our mobile app to interface with the Wi-Fi module and personalize the exhaust sound with a unique calibration. With the app, the driver gains full control over the position of the actuators based on vehicle speed, engine speed and throttle position.