Saturday, October 23, 2010

Radiator Springs Racers Ride at Disney

When we were but knee-high auto obssessives, our two favorite rides at Disney World were Space Mountain and Indy Speedway. One gave us a genuine feeling of speed while the other let us pretend for a few fleeting moments that our driver's license wasn't quite so far away. Now it looks like youngin's out there will have a new car-themed attraction to check out in the Magic Kingdom, or more specifically, Disney's California Adventure Park. Motor World Hype has managed to get their hands on a few quick shots of the amusement park's new Cars-themed ride.
Called Radiator Springs Racers, the attraction is set to open sometime in 2012. In addition to the marginally-creepy looking cars in this particular ride, Disney is planning a whole section of the park dedicated to the
Pixar film. The opening should coincide nicely with the Summer 2011 release of Cars 2... and it may just give us still-car-obsessed adults a good reason to revisit our youth.

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