Friday, August 14, 2009


You Might Be a ROUSH Owner If...

There are a lot of signs that you might be the owner of a ROUSH®Mustang. Among them:

1. You won’t drive your car in the rain

2. Your "Significant Other" is afraid to drive your car

3. You spend more on tires than food

4. You look inside a police car and see a photo of your car taped to the dash

5. You toss your underwear in the garbage instead of the laundry basket

6. You get pulled over for doing 75 in a 35 zone but the cops will let you go "if they can look under the hood."

7. Your exhaust sets off car alarms in the parking structure

8. You spend more time at a gas station explaining about the car than filling up the tank

9. You no longer care that people call it a "ROOSH" or "RUSH"

10. Sundays are spent watching Jack’s NASCAR teams and thinking "I could do better than them if he just would give me a tryout."

11. You celebrate a Roush Fenway Racing victory with donuts in the cul-de-sac

12. You’ll drive hundreds of miles to get a Jack Roush autograph, but won’t go across town to have dinner with the in-laws.

13. The home page on your computer is set to ROUSHperformance.com

14. The dog won’t go for rides in the car anymore

15. There is no way to sneak out of your neighborhood at 6 a.m.

16. Your pets scramble for a hiding spot as soon as the garage door opens

17. Your face looks like the astronauts riding a NASA centrifuge when you hit the accelerator

18. You carry a photo of your ROUSH in your wallet

19. Vacations are planned around car shows and the ROUSH Round-Up

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